Why COMIUCAP? The Mission of the network... Print

The Conférence Mondiale des Institutions Universitaires Catholiques de Philosophie (COMIUCAP) is a worldwide network of Catholic University Institutions dedi­cated to teaching and research in Philosophy. The network was founded in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University in April 1999 as a direct result of the publication by Pope John Paul II of the encyclical Fides et Ratio, the most recent magisterial document of the Church related to Philosophy. As a network, COMIUCAP was inaugurated during its first General Assembly at the headquarters of UNESCO, Paris, in March of 2000.

To join this network, therefore, means to affirm the importance of Catholic Universities and other institutions promoting and sustaining in a consistent manner the causes of Philosophy, mainly the ones related to the Search for Truth and the Promotion of Justice within the culturally complex contexts of our contem­porary world. Thus, membership in COMIUCAP should always result in a ever greater ability to contribute towards the formative process of men and women who follow the call to be part of the Edu­ca­tional Process offered by Catholic Institutions of Higher Education throu­g­h­out the world and, thus, part of the universal Mission of the Church.

COMIUCAP values highly the philosophical search for Truth and recognizes the many imperatives associated with the multi-dimensional cultural context of today's global world. The network affirms in a particular way the desideratum placed by Pope Benedict XVI at the core of Encyclical Caritas in veritate (2009) according to which we are called to contribute towards the process of integral development of every person we come to meet as well as of any community in which we find ourselves to be.

By working together the members of COMIUCAP (institutions and the individuals that make them run) will achieve greater visibility and, by means of sustainable cooperation, better achieve the goals that are proper to both Teaching and Philosophical Research

In a world still so disfigured by violence and intolerance, one that so seriously continues to lack peace and justice and remains so much menaced by all the ills caused by ignorance and intoler­ance, whoever has the privilege of working within the framework offered by the Catholic University Ideal and fulfills the conditions required is invited to join COMIUCAP as soon as possible. We are indeed convinced that catholic institutions of higher education have a special duty to listen in a most careful way to the appeal that Pope Benedict XVI is insistently making that whoever in the world is called to positions of leadership may seriously come to realize and implement the crucial importance of education for the future of humankind.

Hence, it is primordially in order to assist the Church in her mission in the realm of culture that COMIUCAP is calling upon catholic institutions worldwide dedicated to philosophical teaching and research as well as upon anyone seriously engaged in the Intellectual Dimension of the Church’s Mission to become an active participant in this transnational process of cooperation for the promotion of Philosophy and of a civilization grounded in the values of the Gospel. COMIUCAP is indeed convinced that the educational mission of the Church in the globalized world of today demands from Philosophy a most serious engagement in the search for ever new ways and strategies leading to the promotion of a more effective dialogue between spheres apparently so heterogeneous as the ones of science and religion, faith and knowledge, ethics and economy, person and society, culture(s) and truth.

The official languages of COMIUCAP are the following: English, Spanish, French. Interested persons can correspond with us not only in the three official languages of the network but also in Portuguese, German, and Italian. We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments and suggestions. Please, feel free to contact us.