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The Promotion of Justice in the Universities of the Society of Jesus (Promotio Iustitiae, 2014)

The Challenge of Migration (Promotio Iustitiae, 2013)

Healing a Broken World (Promotio Iustitiae, 2011)

Depth, Universality, and Learned Ministry: Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education Today (Adolfo Nicolás SJ, 2010)

Statement on Professional Ethics by the AAUP-American Association of University Professors (2009)

Seeking Peace in a Violent World (Promotio Iustitiae, 2005)

The Via Pulchritudinis, Privileged Pathway for Evangelisation and Dialogue by the Pontifical Council for Culture (2006)

Towards a Pastoral Approach to Culture by the Pontifical Council for Culture (1999)