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Here you have direct access to the Channel of COMIUCAP in YOUTUBE

Videos of Comiucap

International Conference on «Renewing the Church in a Secular Age: Holistic Dialogue and Kenotic Vision» (Roma, 4-5 of March, 2015):

José Casanova A Catholic Church in a Global Secular World

Hans Joas The Church in a World of Options

Louis Caruana Nurturing the Human Face of Science

Leon Dyczewski New Technologies and Styles of Evangelization

Daniel Deckers Being Pope Francis

Tomás Halik Discerning the Signs of the Times

Juan Carlos Scannone Iglesia y Discernimiento Espiritual en una Edad Secular y un Mundo Global

Massimo Grilli Tutto è Grazia: Rilettura dei macarismi/beatitudine oggi, nella Chiesa

Robert Schreiter Spirituality as Platform and Forum for Encounter

Anthony J. Carroll Dialogue With Sceptics

Adriano Fabris Rethinking Universality for a True Interreligious Dialogue in a Pluralistic Age

Adela Cortina Religiones y Ética Cívica Transnacional en el Espacio Público: Un camino hacia la Paz

Peter Jonkers A Serving Church: Overcoming Polarization Through Participation

William Barbieri Kenotic Ethics for a Servant Church

Charles Taylor Authenticity: The Life of the Church in a Secular Age

William Desmond Response to Charles Taylor

José Casanova and Hans Joas in Dialogue

Charles Taylor and William Desmond in Dialogue

Symposium on the Role of Philosophy in a Catholic Context (Rome, 20 of November, 2014):

Joseph C. Agbakoba Teaching the Philosophy of Jesus

Francesco Tomatis – Filosofia come Ascolto della Trascendenza

Giovanni Salmeri – How Philosophy can Make Theology Better

Pietro Ramellini – The Character of Catholic Philosophy

John Ozolins – Philosophy of Education

Gennaro Auletta – The Problem of Causality

Rosanna Finamore – Experienza e Storicità

From Thought to Thinking

Roger SCRUTON The Importance of Beauty (BBC)

Jean-Luc MARION La Crise: Quelle crise? (2014)

Philippe CAPPELLE-DUMONT Penser la religion aujourd'hui (2014)

William DESMOND Being True to Mystery (2012)

William DESMOND Sin and Evil (2011)

Karl RAHNER Erfahrung eines katholischen Theologen (1984) (Video)

Martin HEIDEGGER Der Satz vom Identität (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Was heisst Denken (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Die Sprache (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Zeit und Sein (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Gelassenheit (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Der Satz der Identität (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER Der Feldweg (Podcast)

Martin HEIDEGGER in Gespräch mit Richard Wisser (Podcast)

Max MÜLLER Philosophie in Freiburg (Podcast)

Bernhard WELTE Determination und Freiheit (Podcast)

Max MÜLLER Vollendung, Ende, Anfang im Hinblick auf Martin Heidegger (Podcast)

Karl LEHMANN Heideggers Rezeption in der Theologie (Podcast)

Karl LEHMANN Lateinische Denkform und katholische Theologie (Podcast)

Utte GUZZONI Denken bei Heidegger und Adorno (Podcast)

Eugen FINK Die Weltbedeutung des Spiels (Podcast)

Eugen FINK Bewusstseins Analytik und Weltproblem (Podcast)

Hans MAIER Die Abwesenheit der Geschichte im Gegenwärtigen Bewusstsein (Podcast)

Karl Suso FRANK Kaiser Konstantins Reich: ein Bild vom Reich Christi? (Podcast)

Bernhard CASPER Das Problem der Theologischen Differenz (Podcast)

Other Materials of Interest

Each country's Second Largest Religious Group (2015)

Catholic Church and Science (AP, 2015)

Papa Francesco all'EXPO-2015 di Milano (Maggio 1, 2015)

Clavius on the Web (Pontificia Università Gregoriana)

Ancient and Rare Books on China (Project: Beyond Ricci at Boston College)

America's Changing Religious Landscape (2015)

Exploring the Future of World Religions (2015)

The future of World Religions: 2010-2015 (2015)

The Global Religious Landscape (2012)

World Population Trends (2014)

Leading Global Leaders of 2014.

• BBC-RADIO 4: In Our Time (Podcasts)

• RadioLab (Podcasts). Here an example:  On Translation.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Online Research in Philosophy


• Latindex

• Philosophy Documentation Center

Catholic Encyclopedia

Classics Archive

The Fathers of the Church

• Saint Thomas Aquinas

Biblioteca Digital Mundial

Resources for Teaching

Wilhelm von Humboldt (250 Jahren seiner Geburt am 22 Juni 1767) [2017]

Healing Earth (Interactive environmental e-textbook grounded in the Jesuit Tradition of Education) [2016]

Project Beyond Ricci (Boston College) & Video on Celebrating 400 Years of the Church in China [2010]

BBC Documentary on The Importance of Beauty (with Roger Scruton)

RTP-Documentary on the Christian Roots of Europe [2013]

RAI-Documentario Cinematografico Campane d'Europa [2013]