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Order & Disorder in the Age of Globalization(s) [2013]


João J. VILA-CHÃ (ed.) – Order and Disorder in the Age of Globalization(s): Philosophy and the Development of Cultures. Papers Presented at the Fourth World Congress of Comiucap. St. Augustine College of South Africa, Johannesburg, 13-17 of November 2013. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/5Mhi4u].

[A] KEYNOTE ADDRESSES: Barthélemy ADOUKONOU (Pontificio Consiglio per la Cultura) Pour un ordre nouveau du pensable: L'Inter-Sapientiel comme Proposition Africaine. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/kwB4Mf] Vittorio HÖSLE (Notre Dame University) Order and Disorder: The Case in Intercultural Dialogue. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/xVISvk] Philippe CAPELLE-DUMONT (Université de Strasbourg) Pour une métaphysique de l’alliance: Entre ordre et désordre. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/cA9f3e] Joseph C. A. AGBAKOBA (University of Nigeria) Philosophy and the Development of Culture: Order, Disorder and the African Experience. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/mPfNn2] Salomón LERNER FEBRES (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) Identidad y Misión: Responsabilidad y Función de la Universidad en la Era de la Globalización. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/HBPdpC]

[B] CONTRIBUTIONS: Randa ABI-AAD (Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik/USEK) − Le déracinement: La personne et les cultures à l’épreuve de la Vernetzung. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/FFaoMA] Rafael Antonio ANTOLÍNEZ CAMARGO (Universidad Santo Tomás de Bogotá) − Ontología del Encuentro: Consideraciones para el diálogo y el encuentro intercultural. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/Pp7Ddt] Oladele A. BALOGUN (Olabisi Onabanjo University) − Philosophy in African Context: Improving the Human Condition. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/e8fz0V] Adelino CATTANI (University of Padua) − Developing Culture Through sapientia cum eloquentia, Philosophy With Rhetoric. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/NE12TH] Jeffrey M. CENTENO (Saint Louis University, Baguio City) − The Consolation of Philosophy in the Age of Globalization: Towards Reaffirming the Wisdom Tradition in Education. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/KwE43j] Jonathan O. CHIMAKONAM (University of Calabar) − Disordered Society: Philosophy and Economic Injustice in Nigeria. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/xsMQb5] Dan CHITOIU (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi) − Kosmos From Perfect Sphere to Relationship Between Persons: Evolution of the Greek Understanding of Order. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/8Zeovt] Stanislas DEPREZ (Université Catholique de Lille) − Quelle identité collective dans une société d’individus? [Ref.: http://goo.gl/mtrEWR] Hubert FAES (Institut Catholique de Paris) − Conflits Culturels, Conflits Religieux et Ordre Mondial. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/G7V9xm] Alfonso FLÓREZ (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) − Globalización, de Babel a la diáspora: La Ciudad de Dios de Agustín como clave de comprensión del mundo actual. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/3NxsHp] Miguel GARCIA-BARÓ (Pontificia Universidad Comillas) − La filosofía en España: Necrológica. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/5nzQPu] Miguel GIUSTI (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) − Laicism and Globalization. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/spvwf3] Noboru KINOSHITA (Nanzan University) − La filosofía cristiana en Japón. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/HpNAK0] Fainos MANGENA (University of Zimbabwe) − Order and Disorder in Post-Colonial Zimbabwean Politics: Debating Patriotism and Heroism. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/injOlc] Jorge MARTÍNEZ BARRERA (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) − Défiance en la raison et crise de la foi. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/9987nA] Hoda NEHMÉ (Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik) − Vers une nouvelle philosophie pour notre temps: La Globalisation à l’aune de l’éducation à la paix et à la non-violence. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/a66eV0] Bert OLIVIER (University of the Free State) − Crises in the Global Network Society. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/HwuKJC] Janis (John) Talivaldis OZOLINS (Australian Catholic University) − Responding to Globalisation and Creating Order Out of Chaos: The Cultivation of Virtue As an Educational Aim in East and West. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/0Urexn] Jean-François PETIT (Institut Catholique de Paris) − La citoyenneté à l'épreuve des cultures: Réflexion à partir de l'Afrique. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/koSg0t] Claudia da ROCHA KUSTNER & Frances SCHOLTZ (St Augustine College of South Africas) − Logo-Consciousness in a Globalised World. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/RsCQMd] Noel SHETH (Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion) − Alternative Development Models: In Response to Globalized Development. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/C8s7mD] Marilise E. SMURTHWAITE (St Augustine College of South Africa) − Reflections on Catholic Social Thought As Resource in an Age of Globalisation. [Ref.: http://goo.gl/1IcWvf] Corina YORIS-VILLASANA (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello) What Role Does the Catholic University Have in a Society in Crisis? [Ref.:http://goo.gl/0NRMKt]. |

[C] APPENDIX: 1. Message of His Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi To the Participants at the International Conference of COMIUCAP Order and Disorder in the Age of Globalization(s). 2. Booklet with the Program (including Abstracts and Resolutions of the General Assembly) of the Fourth World Congress of COMIUCAP (Johannesburg, South Africa, 13-17 of November, 2013).

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