Invitation to Join COMIUCAP

COMIUCAP invites all Catholic Institutions of Higher Learning to seriously consider the importance, urgency and advantages of pulling together efforts in the spirit of serious and collaborative work oriented towards the goal of making Philoso­phy all the more relevant in our present cultural context by means of an integrative and respectful promotion of values such as truth and justice, dignity and solidarity, freedom and responsibility, beauty and generosity, reason and tolerance. As a network of Institutions and of the Individual Persons that make them run, COMIUCAP exists in order to foster the creation and the development of a New Humanism, that is, of a vision of the human being that in the immanent frame of our epoch promotes our common rootedness in transcendence. We consider that it remains highly relevant for the Mission of the Church that Catholic University Institutions cooperate in the effort overcoming situations in which the human being remains imprisoned by the chains of mediocrity and superficiality, ignorance and inauthenticity, injustice, error and insecurity. Together we can do more; and we shall always try to do better!

By Becoming a Member of COMIUCAP you/your Institution will not only gain access to a growing network of Institutions and Individuals able and willing to share ideas and projects at the service of our common Mission in Church and Society, but will also be able to activiely participate in cooperative endeavors at the level of both research and pedagogy. Our network has a global reach in partaking of the universal Mission of the Church and of the Ideal of the Catholic University in our contemporary times, and yet we are also very sensitive to the richness of cultural differences and regional particularities. If you/your Institution are not yet an Institutional Member or an Individual Member of COMIUCAP, we cordially invite you/your Institution to seriously consider becoming a Member of the network as soon as possible.

COMIUCAP offers to Members not only a wide range of possibilities for interacting with similar Institutions and many Colleagues around the world as well as opportunities for participating in Projects of Research and Publications, but also links to the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU/FIUC) in Paris and the Congregation for Catholic Education and in Rome. Members can easily candidate as venue for any of our regular Congresses at both continental as well as world-level and also participate in any decision-making process of the network. COMIUCAP also offers Members the possibility of having their own academic initiatives (Congresses, Symposia, Projects, Publications, etc.) publicized on a regular basis. As a network, COMIUCAP is called to institutionally embody the insights on Philosophy that Pope Saint John Paul II promulgated in 1998 with the Encyclical «Fides et Ratio» and envisions to offer its Members a solid platform for dialogue on matters related to the role that Philosophy is called to play in the formative process at Catholic Institutions of Higher Education worldwide. If interested, please, contact us.