In the Meeting of the Administrative Council of COMIUCAP (Rome, 7-9 January of 2011), and in anticipation of the next General Assembly of the network, the following was decided:

  1. That only Institutions that have paid fully the Institutional Membership Rate (250.00 Euros/year) at least 3 years in a row are able to claim both active and passive voice in any deliberative process of the organization being, thus, entitled to a full participation in any deliberative process of the network;
  2. That Catholic Institutions dedicated to the teaching of Philosophy that do not yet qualify as universities or that are universities of Catholic inspiration in a secular context as well as Philosophical Associations of Catholic/ Chris­tian/ Ecumenical Inspiration can become Associate Members of COMIUCAP by paying a special rate of 150.00 Euros/year or by making an yearly donation of at least 150.00  Euros. The Associate Members of COMIUCAP are entitled to participate in the General Assemblies of the network but cannot exercise the right to vote in all cases.
  3. That professors of Philosophy at Catholic Universities are eligible to become Individual Mem­bers of COMIUCAP by paying the corresponding Individual Membership Rate of 50.00 Euros/year. The Individual Members of the network can only vote in the case they have a corresponding mandate from any Institution that is Member of COMIUCAP.
  4. That graduate students at Catholic Universities are now eligible to become Mem­bers of COMIUCAP when presenting to the President of the network Letters of Recommendation by two professors of Philosophy at Catholic Institutions and by paying the Individual Membership Rate of 25.00 Euros/year. Graduate Students that are members of the COMIUCAP can normally participate in the proceedings of a General Assembly but have no voting rights in matters that regard the functioning of the network as such.
  5. That no Institution can organize an event in the name of COMIUCAP without first becoming either a full member or, exceptionally, an Associated Member of the network.

As a rule, Full Membership in COMIUCAP can only be conceded to Institutions that have the capacity to grant all the Degrees (including Doctorates); all others can apply for Associated Membership.

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