Refacing Humanity After the Pandemic: Questions, Challenges and Opportunities | First Online Symposium of Comiucap | 2021.

In the series of Events that COMIUCAP has been organizing since (at least) 2013, the Symposium on «Refacing Humanity After the Pandemic: Questions, Challenges and Opportunities» (December 7-10, 2021) stands out for the fact that it was realized entirely online and brought together Scholars and Audiences from all the Regions of our global network. The Symposium, which was born of the desire not just to overcome the challenges raised by the pandemic, but even more importantly to put Philosophy once again at the centre while dealing with the human and social consequences of a major crisis of our time, had the following configuration:

Europe|7th& 9th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. João J. Vila-Chã|Speakers: Prof. Jean-Marc Ferry (Nantes), «A propos de la crise sanitaire et de sa gestion: La liberté de communication en question»|Prof. Emmanuel Falque (Paris), «Crisis and the Extra-phenomenon»|Prof. John Milbank (Nottin­gham), «God Beyond Catastrophe(s).»|Dialogue between Professors E. Falque & J. Milbank. |Here the contribution of a younger Scholar (Enrica Carafini).

Latin America|7th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. Miguel Giusti (Perú) | Speakers: Prof. Salomon Lerner Febres (Perú); Prof. Mariano de la Maza (Chile); Prof.ª Corina Yoris (Venezuela); Prof. Carlos Hoevel (Argentina); Prof.ª Ángela Calvo (Colombia); Prof. Miguel Giusti (Perú).

Africa|8th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. Joseph Agbakoba|Speakers: Prof. Bernard Matolino (South Africa); Prof. Aloysius Ihuah (Nigeria); Dr. Martin Asiegbu (Nigeria); Dr. Richard Ansah  (Ghana).

North America|9th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. Brendan Sweetman (Kansas City)|Speakers: Prof. Brendan Sweetman (USA); Prof.  William Sweet (Canada); Dr. Margaret Hughes (USA); Dr. Rajesh Shukla (Canada).

Asia|10th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. Alfredo Co (Philippines) & Prof. Janis Ozolins (Australia)|Speakers: Prof. Jove J. Aguas (Philippines); Dr. Michael Dua (Indonesia); Dr. Katia Lenehan (Taiwan); Dr. Jesus M. Miranda OP (Philippines); Prof. Warayuth Sriwarakuel (Thailand).

Oceania|10th of Dec.|Org.: Prof. Janis Ozolins (Australia) & Prof. Alfredo Co (Philippines)|Speakers: Prof. John Ozolins (Australia); Dr. Steven A. Stolz (Australia).