COMIUCAP & Other Networks


COMIUCAP continues to be engaged in the development of Partnerships and collaborative frameworks with philosophical societies such as the following: RVP-Council for Research in Values and Philosophy; American Catholic Philosophic Association; World Union of Philoso­phical Societies; International Metaphysics Society; Asian Asso­ciation of Catho­lic Philosophers; Association of Christian Philosophers of India; Association of Catholic Universities and Higher Institutes of Africa and Mada­gas­car, etc.). After a meeting at Boston College between Professor George McLean (RVP) and Professor João J. Vila-Chã in 2011, COMIUCAP is maintaining a special collaborative relationship with the RVP-Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (Washington DC). For 2015, the collaboration between COMIUCAP includes the realization of a major International Conference on «Renewal of the Church in a Secular Age» and an International Seminar on «Religion, Peace and Reconciliation».

Societies & Other Groups

Activities and Projects promoted by Philosophical Societies and Other Groups that are Members of COMIUCAP shall be listed here.