Individual Members

COMIUCAP is a network of Catholic Institutions of Philosophy and as such represents the Sectorial Group for Philosophy of the IFCU/FIUC. Accordingly, only the legal representatives of the qualifying Institutions are able to vote on issues that, according to the Statutes, are determinant for the institutional life of the network. But since the goals of all the Institutions that are members of COMIUCAP is the promotion of Philosophy as a way of life in the Search for Wisdom and Truth, we are particularly happy announcing that according to a decision of the Administrative Council of COMIUCAP taken during the meeting that took place in Rome on November 21, 2014 COMIUCAP is now open, and encourages, Individual Membership in the network. The administrative decision of the Board of COMIUCAP was done in the following terms:

  1. Faculty Members at Catholic Universities that apply (with one Letter of Recommendation written by a Bishop or a Priest of the Catholic Church) and pay the corresponding Individual Membership Rate of 50.00 Euros/year. Individual Faculty Members registered in the network are entitled to participate in all public activities promoted by COMIUCAP worldwide for which they register.

    Professors of Philosophy that are Members of the network can have a single vote whenever Institutional Representatives present can see their vote multiplied by a factor of five. Individual Members of the network can be elected at any General Assembly of the network. Faculty Members at any University throughout the world can apply as well whereby two Letters of Recommendation will be needed (one by a Professor at any Catholic Institution of Higher Education and the other by a Bishop or Priest in the Catholic Church).
  2. Graduate Students at Catholic Universities that present a Letter of Recommendation by a Professor at any Institution that is Full-Member of COMIUCAP and pay the corresponding individual rate of 25.00 Euros/year can become members of the network. Graduate Students at Universities that are not inscribed in the Catholic tradition may also apply to become members of COMIUCAP by sending a request together with two Letters of Recommendation (one by a Professor at a Catholic Institution and other by a Priest or Bishop in the Catholic Church) and pay the above mentioned annual fee. All Graduate Students that are members of COMIUCAP will have access to Job Offers and take part in International Exchanges promoted by COMIUCAP or any Institution that is an effective member of the network. Graduate Students that are members of COMIUCAP may take part in any public event promoted by the network anywhere in the world for which they register.
  3. Any person that understands and agrees with the terms of COMIUCAP’s Identity and wants to participate in the efforts required by the fulfillment of the network’s Mission, is invited to consider making make any possible contributions to COMIUCAP regardless of the amount (for practical reasons, we recommend donations of 20 Euros or more). Donations of 50 Euro or more will be registered with special gratitude.

Here the Registration Form. Information about Payments/Donations to COMIUCAP are accessible here. For further questions, please, contact us.

The List of the Individual Members (and/or of Supporters) of COMIUCAP will soon be published here.