Video Gallery

«Role and Mission of Philosophy» (2014)

  1. Joseph AGBAKOBA | Philosophy of Jesus
  2. Francesco TOMATIS | Filosofia come Ascolto
  3. Giovanni SALMERI | Philosophy Can Make Theology Better
  4. Pietro RAMELLINI | Character of Catholic Philosophy
  5. Brendan SWEETMAN | Philosophy and Mission of the University
  6. John OZOLINS | Philosophy of Education and Academia
  7. Gennaro AULETTA | Problema della Causalità
  8. Rosanna FINAMORE |Esperienza e Storicità
  9. Marko TRAJKOVIC |Philosophy and Teaching of Law
  10. Pierluigi PARISI |Crisi Contemporanea e Filosofia

«Renewing the Church in a Secular Age» (2015)

«The Role of Philosophy in the African Context» (2017)

«Refacing Humanity After the Pandemic» (2021)