Statutes and Patron Saint of Comiucap

Statutes of COMIUCAP (2000)


English: World Conference of the Catholic University Institutions of Philosophy – «Statutes unanimously approved by the First General Assembly of the Conference, UNESCO, Paris, 24 March 2000.»


Français: Conférence Mondiale des Institutions Universitaires Catholiques de Philosophie: «Statuts approuvés à l’unanimité par la Première Assemblée Générale de la Conférence, UNESCO», Paris, le 24 mars 2000.»


Italiano: Conferenza Mondiale delle Istituzioni Universitarie Cattoliche di Filosofia: «Statuti approvati all’unanimità dalla Prima Assemblea Generale della Conferenza, UNESCO, Parigi, 24 marzo 2000.»

Patron Saint of Comiucap

The Patron Saint of COMIUCAP is the Martyr St. Justin, of the Early church. The ecclesial acknowledgement of this fact goes back to 2008 and to the diligences done by Professor Philip Capelle in the Vatican. We are also proud to also acknolwledge that according to Tradition, the Tomb of the Martyr St. Justin can be found in the Cappucin church in via Veneto, not far from our Headquarters in the City of Rome. Here two links to St. Justin’s First Apology (Early Christian Writers) and (Audio).