The Role of Philosophy in Contemporary Catholic Context | Saint Louis | USA | 2011.

On October 28th, 2011, COMIUCAP realized a Satellite Session during the Annual Meeting of the ACPA-American Catholic Philosophical Association in Saint Louis on The Role of Philosophy in the Contemporary Catholic Context. The Program of this special Session was the following:Organizer & Chair: Prof. João J. Vila-Chã (Gregorian University). Speakers : Prof. Oliva Blanchette (Boston College) “The Catholic Need for Philosophy: The Case of Maurice Blondel“; Prof. Dominic Balestra (Fordham University): “Where is Catholic Philosophy Today?”; Prof. Arthur Madigan (Boston College): “Philosophy and Catholic Modernity“; Prof. Holger Zaborowski (Catholic University of America): “Catholic Philosophy as Education Towards Reality”; Prof. João Vila-Chã (Gregorian University): “COMIUCAP and the Networking of Catholic Philosophy”. It can be observed that the debate, which was of very high quality, was for the most part centered on the contribution of Maurice Blondel (1861-1949) and his understanding of the Philosophical Exigencies of Revelation.