Educating for Modern Democracy | Boston College | USA | 2017.

From November 7-10, 2017, Boston College and COMIUCAP put together a Conference on Educating for Modern Democracy: An Exploration of Philosophical and Religious Resources . The event took place under the assumption that nature and process of the democratic form of government has in recent times come under increased pressure around the world and that in a context such as the present one Institutions of Higher Education have a special role to play promoting high-level reflections not only on the nature of democracy but also on the crucial contribution that Christianity and other Religions are called to make towards the promotion of those values, including the dignity of the Human Person, without which democracies are condemned to remain incapable of sustainable and proper development. The Keynote Addresses at this conference were delivered by the following Professors: David Campbell (University of Notre Dame); Jose Casanova (Georgetown University); Judith Green (Fordham University); Charles Mathewes (University of Virginia); Eduardo Mendieta (Pennsylvania State University); Candace Vogler (University of Chicago); George Yancy (Emory University).