Francisco Suarez and Practical Philosophy | UNISINOS | São Leopoldo | Brasil | 2017.

On occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the death of Francisco Suárez (Lisbon, Portugal, 25 of September of 1617), UNISINOS and COMIUCAP put together in São Leopoldo, Brasil, an International Congress dedicated to the Study of Suárez’ Practical Philosophy. The event was organized by Professor Alfredo Culleton and took place at the UNISINOS from September 25-28, 2017. Proceedings are expected to be published. Commemorating Francisco Suarez, the famous «doctor eximius», events also took place in Salamanca (March 30-31, 2017); Pamplona (April, 26-28, 2017); Porto-Coimbra (June, 26-28, 2017); and at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Roma (October, 23-24, 2017).